Consumer Bill of Rights for Automobile Insurance

Under Ontario laws, auto insurance consumers rights are protected by the Consumer Bill of Rights for Automobile Insurance. The same laws that require owners to have auto insurance, also serve to protect drivers rights, public interest and to enhance public confidence within the insurance sector (through the regulatory services of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO))

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Owners of vehicles in Ontario are granted the right to the following according to the Insurance Act. You have a right to

  • Purchase auto insurance coverage.
  • Be treated fairly by your insurance company.
  • Be given written reasons if you have been denied auto insurance.
  • Keep your policy in place if you pay your premiums and meet the responsibilities.
  • Pay your auto insurance premium in monthly installments.
  • Right to keep your policy in place if you pay your premium within 30 days following one or two non-sufficient fund (NSF) situations.
  • Be informed in writing if your policy is not being renewed.
  • Change or cancel your insurance policy at any time
  • Remain with your insurance company even if that company no longer sells insurance through your broker. 
  • Know from which companies your broker received quotes and the amounts. 
  • Prompt and fair handling of claims.
  • Right to reasonable repair of your damaged vehicle 
  • Choose a repair shop, tow operator or vehicle rental company. 
  • Receive information about accident benefits.
  • Dispute your insurance company’s refusal to pay benefits. 
  • Choose your health care provider.
  • Register a complaint about your insurance company. 
  • Failure to meet obligations and responsibilities, however, may affect your rights. 

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Keep in mind, drivers also have obligations to meet and failure to meet them will affect their rights. Purchasing automobile insurance means you have implicitly agreed to:

  • Paying your premium in a timely fashion
  • Promptly letting your insurers know about any change in circumstances that could affect your insurance situation, including if you are involved in an accident – including accidents, even if you are not making a claim
  • Updating information at your insurer’s request

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